Why The Washington Post bolster the Motto of Death to America

Why The Washington Post bolster the Motto of Death to America

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by: Hani Al-Dahiry


Twitter: @Hani_Dh

The Washington Post Newspaper published an article of Mohammed Ali Al Houthi on 9th of November 2018 one day after publishing a news about United states president Trump administration tendency to categorized “Houthi militia” in Yemen as a terrorist group. Mohamed Al Houthi who is a cattle’s thief and illiterate from Yemen, his cousin the leader of the Houthi militias has given him the title of “Head of Supreme Revolutionary Committee in Yemen”. But, the newspaper did not publish a photo of the writer along with the article. Because, they do not want the Americans to know that Houthi’s official motto which their writer is hang behind him is a piece of fabric including specific sentences which are “Death to America, Death to Israel, and Curse the Jews.

Generally, the essential issue of the Washington post and liberal democratic American media is that they’re unbelievably stupid. Their insanely desire to fight the White House policy made them slips to hostile the American Nation entirely and turn into a weapon in the United States and humanity enemies. This is confirmed the fidelity of President Trump description of some of the News Media as the ‘Enemy of the American People’.

In fact, the opinion pages related to international affairs in “Washington Post” which are managed by Karen Attiah, are well-known for Fundamentalist and terrorist writers who are against the American People. I can assert that if Osama Bin Laden is alive, he will be a weekly writer in the newspaper sending his articles from the caves of Afghanistan instigating to kill innocent American people who are daily walking aside the Newspaper building to walk their children to school. This is affirming the truth of liberal’s stupidity is the biggest supportive and nutritive of terrorism in the world and they’re cover it up democratic slogans. However, the American people who elected Trump as president of United States have discovered the truth early and vanquished the media with a historical scandal, when they revealed the deception of public opinion polls they published during Trump’s presidential campaign.

Mohammed Al Houthi new “Washington Post’s” writer and holder of “Death to America” motto is not different from Bin Laden. He has been sending Iranian made Ballistic Missiles for three years to children schools, collages, and Saudi Airports. According to the published statics the number of Ballistic Missile sent by Houthi Militia towards the Saudi’s cities 205 Ballistic Missiles, in addition to thousands of projectiles caused to kill 112 civilians and infect hundreds of women and children. If this militia based in Mexico and send missiles to Texas University in El Paso, or George Bush Airport in Houston, the American wouldn’t hesitate to erase this bases from the map. But, the Saudi army did not do that with their war with Houthi Militia in Yemen because of their assiduous on civilians’ safety in Yemen.

Anyone read Houthi’s lies which Washington Post published as an article and has a simple background about this criminal personality, will clearly realized that he is not the real writer. Especially, the part when he spoke about peace, which reminds me of the interview Anderson Cooper had with Karen Attiah in mid of last October on CNN channel where she insensibly Slip of her tongue that she personally writes articles or parts of them to be published by other Middle Eastern writers in the newspaper. This is what should American people know about their real enemies who are sitting behind their disks at lavish beautiful buildings in the heart of Washington DC.


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